Bathroom - Non-Toxic, Ethical and Luscious Goods for Personal Cleaning

Alaffia Body Wash Coconut & Coffee Berry 950ml - ALL-ROUNDER FAMILY BODY & HAIR WASH!

THE GUT STORE'S FAVOURITE BODY WASH PRODUCT!   Everyday Coconut & Coffee Berry Body Wash... ..


Bon Ami All-Natural Powder Cleanser Home Cleaner 400g Only $3.95!

Bon Ami Powder Cleanser has been a household favourite since 1886, largely due to its effective non-toxic... ..


Dr Bronner's Pure-Castile Soap Bar - Baby Unscented with Hemp Oil 140g SAFE, HEALTHY, EXCELLENT LATHER!

With no added fragrance and double the olive oil, Dr Bronner's Baby Unscented Pure-Castile Bar Soap... ..


EnviroCare SPACE WIPES Compressed Biodegradable All-Purpose Wipes (80 pack)

Alcohol-Free Just add water and watch Space Wipes expand 100% biodegradable Environmentally responsible Hypo-allergenic Benzalkonium... ..


Go Bamboo Eco Cotton Buds (box of 200)

Go Bamboo offers award-winning, zero-waste products for everyday use. Made from natural bamboo, their products... ..


Golden Grind - Natural Handmade Turmeric Soap (100g Bar) CLEANSING & NATURAL

Formulated from all natural ingredients, this beautiful soap is handmade and is made with absolutely... ..


Luvin Life White Sage Organic Smudge Stick Small 16cm SPACE CLEARING

Luvin Life White Sage Organic Smudge Stick Small 16cm SPACE CLEARING

Luvin Life’s organic white sage (salvia apiana) is from the coastal mountains of California. White... ..


OurEco Clean Air Freshener Lemon Twist (250mL) Natural Essential Oils

OurEco's invigorating blend of 100% essential oils and water allows Mother Nature to work with you,... ..


OurEco Clean BiCarb Cream Cleaning Paste Lemon Myrtle (550g)

Clean naturally with the power of Bicarb and Lemon Myrtle essential oil.OurEco Clean Cream Cleaning... ..


OurEco Clean Mould Spray with Oil Of Clove + Sweet Orange (500mL)

With Oil of Clove and Sweet Orange essential oils to “kill it” not “hide it.” Naturally kill mould... ..


OurEco Clean Multi Purpose Spray Lemon Myrtle (500mL)

One spray for all surfaces. Clean naturally with the antibacterial/anti-fungal properties of Lemon Myrtle essential... ..


OurEco Clean Toilet Bowl Cleaner Eucalyptus + Tea Tree (500mL)

With Eucalyptus and Tea Tree essential oils for a naturally antibacterial clean.Shake bottle before use, squirt... ..


Retro Kitchen Make Your Own All Natural Cleaning Kit

Retro Kitchen Make Your Own All Natural Cleaning Kit

  Household cleaning sprays don't need to be full of chemicals and bleach. More and... ..


SaltCo Lifestyle Room Mist (Space Clearing) Smudge Spray 250mL SMOKE-FREE SPACE CLEARING

You can now smudge or space clear your home without smoke! Simply cleanse your home... ..