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Bathroom health includes what you put in your bath or shower as well as on it to clean whats inside it, or to clean you in it! And you are not just what you eat, but you are also what you ingest through your skin and other orifices of the body such as through inhaling as well. And we have fewer lines of defence to detoxify or protect our cellular network that makes up our entire body when we are exposed to toxic or non-natural chemicals through skin, scalp, nose etc as it gets absorbed immediately into the body, without a back-up detoxification system such as the gut. 

On this note, we believe that what you take into your body through ANY means, especially skin, hair and inhalation have just as large an effect as what you eat, so your bathroom is one place that you can make a HUGE difference in aiding a healthier body, family and home by making changes to what you use in your shower or bath, what you use to clean your bathroom, what you use to clean your teeth, your hair, what you spray on your body or in your bathroom or toilet, and what oils, creams, scrubs, sprays you use.

Another big thing we factor in (and road-test on our own bodies, families and homes) is the convenience, price, lather-factor, practicality, enjoyment-factor, consistency, look, feel and smell of products. They HAVE to be enjoyable and easy to use even if they are healthier. So we have hand-selected what we think it incredible for you, so enjoy.

We are so passionate about this, one of the huge reasons that we started up The Healthy Household in the first place was to provide a one-stop-shop that offered plenty of options like this, to make your life easier when shopping for all things healthier for you, your family and your home without needing that degree in health science to have to work it out for yourself. Everything we offer here is a safer, healthier alternative for you.