Bokashi One Replacement Tap - Green (for Bokashi One Compost Bin)

Bokashi Composting Australia


Replacement taps are available should you lose or damage your tap. Taps are provided with each bucket.

As the waste ferments inside the bucket, liquid accumulates at the catchment at the base of the bucket. This liquid can be easily drained through the tap and used as a nutrient-rich fertiliser for the garden.



Bokashi One composting is an eco-friendly composting system designed to be used in the kitchen. The system is comprised of a Bokashi One Bucket and Bokashi One Mix which work together to eliminate the odours and unpleasantness associated with putrefaction and decay.

Bokashi One kitchen composting is a convenient and hygienic process which utilises food waste to produce a nourishing compost and rich juice which inject life and vitality into your garden. It simplifies the recycling of food waste. It is small and compact for use in residential kitchens, the micro-organisms in the mix means that it works on all types of kitchen scraps including meat, dairy and cooked foods.

  • Bokashi One composting is a responsible step to take to make a difference and to direct food waste away from landfill.
  • Bokashi One is practical, simple and easy to use and it’s terrific for your garden.
Bokashi Composting Australia was started over twelve years ago to distribute and promote Bokashi One throughout Australia. They are 100% Australian owned and strive to operate in an environmentally sustainable way.

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