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With fat loss, there is way more than meets the eye. There is no one size fits all and no one magic pill or method that works for everyone. Fat loss can range from making simple effective changes to extremely complex ones, and sometimes working out what works for you is a little bit like going down a rabbit hole. It can be confusing but if you just start with one change at a time, often this can be a great way to get some momentum as well as learn about your body and how it responds and adapts to changes.


Here at The Healthy Household, we offer a multitude of options to support various fat loss regimes, as well as an onboard holistic fat loss coach who has over a decade of extensive knowledge in this area.


From healthier food and supplement replacement products, self-sabotage support treats (trust me, we ALL need some of these! why punish yourself when you are trying to lose weight and sometimes you just need something to make you feel better - there ARE options!) to help you survive changes to your nutritional planning and dieting. We also offer keto products, biohacking products, hormone support, sleep support and fitness/training and activity, wind-down support - all of which can aid a fat loss regime. We have ethical, non-toxic detoxification-support, “fat-blasting” options available, and if you speak with our health coach we can also offer practitioner-only options, including Trim Pack and Detoxification protocols, in conjunction with a consultation.