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We LOVE healthy snacks, they make our world go-round. We believe that in order to adopt a happy, successful healthier home for you and your family, with healthier mindsets and attitudes towards food and nutrition, Healthy Snacks are paramount to doing this with long-term success in mind.


Often when we make changes to how or what we eat at home, we think of deprivation from foods we were attached to before that may have been considered less healthy but more convenient or cheaper.

This often comes about from simply not knowing which healthier yet just as tasty or fun foods can replace the ones we were originally attached to, and could be as simple as finding this replacement and be assured that it is healthy - imagine being able to replace all your naughty treats with good ones and having them more regularly, knowing even, that they may enhance your health rather than deplete it! We are obsessed with finding and offering these options!! No more deprivation here!


Then we have found the MOST DELECTABLE goods that are super easy to make if you prefer a balance between making your own food but having a little help from pre-made mixes. We have protein mixes, gluten-free, paleo, vegan, low-carb, dairy-free and more. Options make the world go round here. Be sure to check out our Bake With Me cake mixes - so amazing, easy to make low-carb paleo mixes; the texture of all these cakes are incredible and they taste so good, just like the old-fashioned brownies or cakes many of us have grown up on. 


When it comes to cost - non-nutritious food is always going to be cheaper than real food because it is cheaper to make because sourcing ingredients for these foods are very much "rack-and-stack", often GMO, sugar-laden, boosted on chemicals or cheap fillers and are not real nutrition that our bodies recognise as food. Cheap fast food is considered "false economy" when thinking about cost because these foods often forgo recognition by the body and brain as actual food, and does not satiate the body's need for the nutrients it should receive in order to keep a healthy mind and body. This cascades out into how healthy your hormones are, how you sleep, how happy you feel, how you recover, how well you stay, how sharply you think, how lean you stay, how much muscle you can build and how you grow if you have young ones. When we aren't satiated often we overeat as well, and the money you thought you were saving by buying cheap and nasty foods gets thrown out the window! Often whole-foods which are healthier but ay cost a little more help the body to learn how to become more satiated thus needing less food, and hunger is often better managed. 


At The Healthy Household, we believe you can have your cake and eat it too, you just need to know what that cake is - we offer these kinds of options as well as many others, based on nutrition, ethics, ingredients, convenience, goals and age groups. Enjoy!