MgBody Topical Magnesium Spray 125mL *ON SALE*


$18.45 $19.95

MgBody Magnesium is pure, organic, concentrated, no added water, not made from flakes magnesium chloride. 

To increase magnesium levels simply spray onto your hands or arms, where it will be transported to where it is needed most. Spray onto the site of aches and pains for almost instant relief.

Magnesium is great for sprains, strains, delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS), cramps, stress, PMS, headaches, anxiety, arthritis, diabetes and much more.
Topical magnesium also helps support going to sleep! Often sleep struggles indicate a magnesium deficiency and topical magnesium is one of the fastest more effective ways to get magnesium into the body.

100% Australian and Certified BFA Organic!
Just spray it on!

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