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We felt it was crucial to have a category dedicated to School Snacks due to the overwhelming amount of parents we have spoken to, who are so frazzled with how or where to find truly healthy, nutritious and most importantly convenient snacks to add to their school children's lunch boxes, whilst complying with added conditions of being mindful of common allergens and restrictions through a lot of schools, such as nuts. 

All snacks in the School Snacks category are NUTRITIOUS and NUT FREE*!!!

We have selected the most awesome range of snacks you can throw into those lunch boxes, and most of these are also gluten and dairy free!

We wanted to offer snacks which included TASTE, probiotics options, paleo/single ingredient foods, healthy fats and NO nasties such as artificial preservatives, colours, fillers and flavourings!

We also wanted to offer plenty of snacks that help to maintain blood sugar levels so children can sustain their mental and physical energy levels for longer during their school day, and move them away from snacks which can create instant "spikes" in energy levels followed by the "crash and burn" shortly afterwards. 

As well as convenient pre-portioned snacks, we have included some cake and other treat baking mixes which are utterly amazing! They taste like regular yummy cakes and treats without all the nasties and added sugar or artificial ingredients, they are easy and fast to make and great for baking in bulk and throwing into the freezer for other fast grab and go options for lunch boxes!

In this category, as well as foods, we have included helpful additions to make your lunch box regime easier such as cookbooks, lunch boxes and other organisational items.



*PLEASE NOTE: Some of the Kitz Coconut Dream and Simply Raw Paleo bars are not nut free, in the product listing we have highlighted in RED which bars are nut free and which are not nut free so please ensure you read the product description and choose your nut free bars accordingly!