Kitz Coconut Dream Bars - Various Flavours (Box of 10, Only Pay For 9!) VEGAN GF DF


$35.55 $39.50

RRP $3.95 per 45g bar. Buy a box of 10 of one flavour and one of those bars is FREE!


Coconut Dream Banana Cacao^Coconut*, brown rice syrup*, dried bananas*, cacao powder*, cacao nibs*, vanilla*

Coconut Dream Caramel^Coconut*, brown rice syrup*, maple syrup*, carob powder*, lucuma*, vanilla*, natural sea salt

Coconut Dream Lime Sublime^Coconut*, brown rice syrup*, lime essential oil* 

Coconut Dream Mocha Energy: Dates*, cashews*, coconut*, cacao powder*, coffee*, vanilla*, yerba mate* THIS BAR CONTAINS NUTS & CAFFEINE

*Certified organic ingredients
^Nut free bars

Looking for a healthy alternative to chocolate or lollies? Our Coconut Dream bars great as a snack for the lunchbox^, your day on the run or keep them in the car or office as your go-to snack. The rich blend of natural, raw ingredients takes you on an indulgent dream to coconut bliss. These bars are treated to a short stay in a low-temperature dehydrator to perfect their chewy texture.
Kitz’s Mocha Energy bar is packed with energising ingredients like coffee, yerba mate and raw cacao, and will satisfy your hunger, help quench the afternoon slump and improve your mental alertness for the remainder of the day.
In Kitz's Turmeric & Ginger bar, the curcumin found naturally in turmeric is believed to have amazing anti-inflammatory and powerful antioxidant properties. The health benefits from this bar's ingredient combination are endless and there is no tastier way to get your daily dose!
Made in a facility that handles nuts. Free from wheat, gluten, dairy products, peanuts, sesame, soy, eggs, yeast, fish, shellfish and cane sugar.

^The nut-free bars make an excellent companion to the school lunch box too! 

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