Book - I Quit Sugar: Kids' Cookbook By Sarah Wilson (85 Sugar-Free Recipes)

Sarah Wilson


Make 85 Easy and Fun Sugar-Free Recipes for Your Little People!

Sarah Wilson taught the world to quit sugar in eight weeks and then went onto teaching everyone how to cook delicious essentials, simply. 

Recipes in I Quit Sugar: Kids Cookbook will help parents to ease their kids off sugar without them even noticing! Make densely nutritious meals with no or very low sugar that are designed to be delicious, exciting and satisfying for our kids. 

In I Quit Sugar: Kids Cookbook you'll find various kid-friendly chapters, including: 

  • Breakfast for Brain Power: loads of clever ideas for starting your day 

  • Let's Party: delicious cakes, drinks, ice creams and Easter treats 

  • Grab 'n' Run: fun finger foods to keep the kids happy when out and about 

  • Lunch Box Ideas and Snacks: easy recipes that will save you time, money and angst. Plus tips on navigating your kids' tuckshop 

  • Same but Different: popular kids meals with an IQS twist 

  • When a Veggie is not a Veggie: sneaky (but delicious!) ways to get your kids eating densely nutritious foods without the fuss 

Written with all the care and knowledge you have come to expect from the I Quit Sugar team, this is the book that makes sugar-free cooking easier, less expensive and more creative.


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