Low FODMAP Recipes by Dr Sue Shepherd

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150 delicious and popular Low FODMAP and gluten free recipes.

Low FODMAP Recipes bursts with delicious dishes from cover to cover. It contains 150 delicious and popular recipes for people following the Low FODMAP Diet for irritable bowel syndrome. All recipes are also entirely gluten free, so also suitable for people with coeliac disease. If you suffer from fructose, lactose, fructans, GOS, sortibol and/or mannitol (ie. FODMAPs) malabsorption, then this book must have a home in your kitchen! Written by Dr Sue Shepherd, world expert dietitian who has helped thousands of patients successfully manage their IBS symptoms, you can trust the quality of the recipes and the information contained within.

The vast range of recipes will suit not only sufferers of these conditions, they will appeal to the whole family, and are great to use while entertaining your friends too. With recipes ranging from simple to the more complex, Low FODMAP Recipes will appeal to the novice as well as the more experienced cook. Don’t wait a minute longer to enjoy this delicious range of recipes.

Low FODMAP Recipes cookbook is a compilation of updated recipes from the best-selling Irresistibles for the Irritable (2004) and Two Irresistibles for the Irritable (2006) cookbooks. Each of these original titles have sold in excess of 40,000 copies each – a testament to the fact Sue’s recipes stand in a class of their own. Enjoy cooking again! Enjoy the superior recipes in the new look, “Low FODMAP Recipes”.

Low FODMAP Recipes by Dr Sue Shepherd

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