Head Lice Shampoo 500mL GENTLE, EFFECTIVE & NON-TOXIC!

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Unlike most brands of treatment from the chemist, EnviroCare Head Lice Shampoo is loaded with Tea Tree oil that repels lice and is a great deterrent for re-infestation.

The smell and the oil content of the natural oils will be an added deterrent and are not toxic or harmful to kids' scalps!


Please test for sensitivity first, as some may not be able to tolerate Tea Tree oil.

Purified Water, Coconut Betaine*, Coconut Oil Acids*, Sodium Cocoyl Glycinate*, Melaleuca Alternifolia Oil* (Tea Tree Oil), Citrus Sinensis Oil* (Orange Oil), Tocopheryl Acetate* (Vit E-antioxidant), Olea Europaea Oil* (Olive), Benzyl Alcohol & Salicylic Acid & Glycerine & Sorbic Acid* (Preservative), Ascorbic Acid* (Vit C), Citric Acid*     *Plant-Based


Head Lice Shampoo 500mL GENTLE, EFFECTIVE & NON-TOXIC!

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