enviroClean - Laundry Powder & Pre-Soaker 2kg Value Tub (Up To 68 Washes!)



The 2kg value tub contains up to 68 washes!

  • No phosphates
  • Non-caustic
  • No chlorine
  • No animal testing
  • Readily Biodegradable surfactants AST4351
  • Septic and Sewerage safe
  • No Palm Oil

Highly concentrated, suitable for use in both front and top load washing machines. Safe to use on cotton, synthetics, whites and coloureds. All water temperatures. Enzymes in our powder work effectively as a pre-soak for stains. Soak in a bucket or machine overnight to assist in stain removal. Do not add more powder.

  • Front and Top Load Machines
  • Soak overnight in the machine or bucket to remove stains
  • Nappies – add 2 dessertspoons enviroClean Disinfectant
  • Very concentrated 1–3 dessertspoons depending on load size
  • No phosphate
  • Separate whites and coloureds
  • All water temperatures


Our personal comment on this product:

This washing machine powder contains far less toxic contaminants for the human body to deal with than most on the market, especially once the product has been washed into your clothing and bedding - with skin-absorbed chemicals having a lower ability to be effectively detoxified than ingested chemicals. It is more cost effective buying this product in the bulk tubs, especially when washing generally light loads you can use around 3/4 of the suggested amount and save even more! This is a highly effective product considering its environment and human-health friendliness and it also comes with a scoop!

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