Organic Colloidal Minerals 500ml

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Fulhealth Organic Colloidal Minerals can be used daily to promote general health and well being by providing essential minerals, trace elements and nutrients in an easily assimilated form. Derived from 20,000-year-old prehistoric vegetation, cold-extracted and suspended in ultra-pure de-ionised water, this product is rich in humins, Humic Acid and Fulvic Acid.

In the body, these are essential to achieve and maintain good health by assisting the chelation of toxins and heavy metals, acting as antioxidant/free radical scavengers, stimulating enzyme systems, as a natural electrolyte, helping to rebuild immune systems, stimulating cellular growth and regeneration and catalysing vitamins within the cell.

The colloidal mineral trace elements are negatively charged and the mineral ions and elements are absorbed immediately.

Ninety percent of people are deficient in at least some of these vital trace elements. These elements act as co-enzymes for every chemical reaction that takes place in the body. For example, digesting and absorbing food, and delivering food to the cells, are all chemical reactions. Breathing air and getting oxygen to the brain are also chemical reactions.



  • Minimal cost dosage. Suggested dose is only 2 teaspoons (approx 10mL) daily.
  • No heavy metals or toxic elements.
  • Full spectrum of minerals are better absorbed than any similar elements that have not been produced via photosynthesis.
  • Because they come from 70% humic material, the minerals are photoautotrophic, that is, the have converted inorganic elements, using photosynthesis, into organic elements (humic acids).
  • Minerals do not adhere to the inside of the bottle.
  • Minerals are not spoiled by heat or dilution by the body.
  • Minimal taste, similar to water.
  • The extraction process produces a unique by-product: nacent oxygen - a super antioxidant.
  • The product contains, in addition to minerals and mineral complexes, other essential elements that act as enzymes and co-enzymes essential for life.

Fulhealth Organic Colloidal Minerals are derived from selected soils, having a humic acid fraction of 67.95%. These minerals have been cold extracted by a unique ionic extraction process developed at Fulhealth Industries then suspended in ultra-pure, de-ionised water.

Concentrations in Mg/L: Lithium <0.02, Copper 1.3, Beryllium <0.001, Zinc 3.5, Boron 0.3, Germanium <0.10, Sodium 80.6, Selenium 0.015, Magnesium 55.5, Strontium 0.54, Aluminium 69.00, Molybdenum 0.54, Silicon 11.8, Palladium <0.10, Phosphorus 1.4, Silver 0.3, Sulphur 98.5, Cadmium <0.002, Potassium 7.1, Tin <0.1, Calcium 70.5, Antimony <0.10, Titanium 0.54, Caesium <0.001, Vanadium 0.34, Barium 0.13, Chromium 0.59, Platinum <0.10, Manganese 0.18, Gold <0.10, Iron 15.85, Thallium <0.2, Cobalt 0.055, Lead <0.02, Nickel 0.34, Bismuth <0.10.

Humic Acids containing essential glyconutrients: Mannose, Fucose, Glucose, N-acetylglucosamine Galactose, N-acetylneuraminic acid, Xylose, N-acetylgalactosamine.


This product is suitable for vegetarians and contains organic ingredients.

Organic Colloidal Minerals 500ml

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