Weight Loss, Health & Fitness Goals Accountability Partner ~ Health Coaching Call (30 Minutes)

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Professional, experience and qualified health coaching phone call as your accountability partner to aid you with your weight loss, health and fitness goals.

This short but very effective and informative call is recommended to do once weekly at the same time/day each week in order to stay consistent with your goals and progress.


This is for you if: You have a rough and realistic plan in place and need help with staying accountable or to have a professional, knowledgable buddy to check in with each week.

You are in control the whole way, our job is to be THAT person you need to answer to each week. The bonus is that you get some really helpful advice along the way and we help guide you and give you tips to improve how you achieve your goals. We work with you, and your abilities to help tailor things accordingly so it doesn't get overwhelming, only easier for you.

You can be working to achieve a particular health and fitness goal, training for an event or wanting to lose weight/gain LIFE/increase energy levels, improve your happiness, health and balance in a life you may be struggling to juggle. Whatever it is, there's always a way...

Because this is not a call where we create your plan, this is for people who already have a plan to achieve their particular goals but need the professional, convenient and economical "buddy" to keep them accountable, but with the bonus of loaded experience and practical, holistic, cutting-edge advice to help you improve your own journey as you go! 

If you have any questions hit the "Chat with us" button at the bottom right on our store's page and we will be happy to assist.



About Your Health Coach - Kathy Nisbet:

Kathy is a qualified health and fitness coach with nearly two decades of experience in the industry. She used to run her own boutique health and fitness coaching  studio (as well as previously working in several gyms and multi-modality health clinics) where she used to write wellness/fat loss/sports-specific training/resistance training programs for all walks of life. Kathy is loaded up with various qualifications/certifications including Level 3 Fitness Professional, Poliquin Biosignature Practitioner, Precision Nutrition Certified Coach (Sports & Fat Loss Nutrition), Accredited Cert. Nutrition, Member of IICT and is currently studying a degree in Complementary Medicine. Most importantly, she has a lot of experience personally and professionally and is confident she will be able to help you improve your journey and provide you with positive insight that will align with your goals and progress!

Personally: Kathy is a mum of two kids, in the past has been heavily into intensive endurance sports (running/cycling/triathlon/multi-sports), bodybuilding (and in these fields has helped guide athletes with preparation, training, recovery, pre-during-post event planning). Kathy has also lived through (enough) various chronic illnesses in her time and has re-invented herself many times over with success learning a lot about humility and compassion for different humans and their needs along the way... so she understands various mindsets required for particular sports and also for mindsets outside any particular sporting realm, simply such as getting your energy back, managing a busy life with family, work, other external stresses and making time to prioritise yourself - with lots of practical advice. Kathy taps into your world and goals, with an ability to be completely realistic and aligning your goals with your mindset/world/inner-dialogue. These days Kathy is happiest out on her paddleboard, gardening, walking while listening to educational podcasts and doing yoga at home.


What Happens When you Purchase a Session:

Kathy will contact you as soon as possible to arrange a phone or video call and we literally take it from there!


If you have any questions hit the "Chat with us" button at the bottom right of the page and we will be happy to assist.

Weight Loss, Health & Fitness Goals Accountability Partner ~ Health Coaching Call (30 Minutes)

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