Natural Animal Solutions - Organic Seaweed (300g)

Natural Animal Solutions


Nutrient-rich supplement for pets* – naturally high in iodine.

Seaweed is rich in many nutrients including Vitamin A, B complex, C, E and trace minerals iron, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, calcium, selenium, iodine, copper, cobalt, sulphur and boron, also making it ideal for use as an extremely economical multi-vitamin supplement.
Natural Animal Solutions® Organic Seaweed is highly absorbable and completely free from fillers, colours or flavour enhancers and is NASAA certified organic.

*Organic Seaweed can be used for cats, dogs, horses, as well as livestock; sheep, goats, cattle, chickens and pigs.



  • Economical multi-vitamin supplement
  • Bio-available iodine supplement
  • Rich in multi-nutrients
  • NASAA certified organic
  • 100% pure seaweed
  • Free from fillers, colours and flavour enhancers



  • Organic seaweed (premium-grade ingredients sourced from around the world from carefully selected suppliers)


Always read the label. Use only as directed. If symptoms persist, or if your pet has thyroid disease please seek veterinarian advice.

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