Nutrition Diagnostics Healthy Fibre Plus 15g Sachets (Box of 20)

Nutrition Diagnostics

$48.95 $51.95

Easy-to-use and pleasant tasting high fibre powder sachets with beneficial bacteria, whey protein, L-glutamine and slippery elm.


Key Features and Benefits:

  • Functional food for the digestive tract.
  • With psyllium and flaxmeal as high fibre sources, over 6g of fibre per serve.
  • Convenient way to increase fibre in your diet to restore and maintain regularity.
  • Source of pre and probiotics.
  • Source of undenatured whey protein.
  • Contains slippery elm and L-glutamine for additional support.
  • Made in Australia with all natural ingredients.
  • Flavoured with natural orange.
  • Contains no added sugar.


Additional Information:

Pack Size: 20 x 15g Sachets


Directions for Use:

Adults – Mix contents of one sachet into a large glass of water and take 1⁄2 hour – 1 hour prior to evening meal. Stir well and drink straight away.

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