Supplements Organisation Box LARGE, 12 Moveable Compartments *LAST ONE*

Poliquin Group


Be organised when you need to take several pills at varying times of the day!

This large and sturdy pillbox contains several chambers with 9 movable dividers so you can customise exactly how you want to organise your pill-taking requirements.

You can have a maximum of 12 chambers at one time which includes 6 large and 6 smaller chambers (if using all 9 dividers), or you can customise this to have fewer chambers which are larger in size (e.g. 9 large pill chambers, when omitting the 3 middle dividers).

Our favourite recommendation for 6 days of organisation: Use all 12 chambers to prepare 6 days of morning + evening pills. For any middle of the day pills just prepare each day and carry around with you in a small portable pillbox.

This is also a fantastic pillbox for when you have to travel for a few days and still want to keep on top of your supplements regime while you're away, simply pre-organise your pills in this slim, hard case box (which will withstand being squashed about inside a travel bag) and eliminate having to take several bulky pill bottles around with you!

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