Pill / Supplements Box LARGE (12 moveable compartments) *SALE* DISCONTINUED!

Poliquin Group

$17.95 $25.95

This large, solid and sturdy pill box contains several chambers with 9 movable dividers so you can customise exactly how you want to organise your pill-taking requirements.

You can have a maximum of 12 chambers at one time which include 6 large and 6 smaller chambers (if using all 9 dividers), or you can customise this to have less chambers which are  largerer in size (e.g. 9 large pill chambers, when omitting the 3 middle dividers).

All in all you can stay highly organised when you need to take several pills at varying times of the day. My favourite recommendation is to use up all 12 chambers, and have 6 days' worth of AM & PM pills pre-prepared to help you fly through the week. Then, any middle of day pills you can prepare on the day and carry around with you in a small & portable pillbox.

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