PROPPR Stool (Frosty White) - The Proppr (Natural) Way to go to the Loo



White, white and more FROSTY white. If you love everything in your bathroom to be clean and pristine, then the SWIFTR is for you.  Made IN AUSTRALIA out of durable, anti-microbial acrylic, this PROPPR is built to withstand full water submersion!


We designed the PROPPR to help you simulate the natural squat position - because when you PROP, the puborectalis muscle relaxes and your colon straightens, allowing for a quick, easy and complete release every time.

Going to the loo for a #2 will be easier, quicker and more complete!


- Premium Hygienic Acrylic
- Non-slip Silicone Gel Dots
- 21.5cm-23.5cm (slanted) High
- 38cm Wide
- Frosted White Colour 


Buy 2 and take $20 off the second PROPPR

Got a second bathroom? Don't want to share your PROPPR? Have a family member you know can benefit from a PROPPR? Buy two and get $20 off your second purchase when you buy in one transaction. Plus enjoy the benefit of free shipping when you purchase two :)


Please only use your PROPPR as a foot rest. Do not stand on it.

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