QULU Silicone Enema Kit 2L - Safe, Natural, Immediate Relief for Constipation



The Qulu Enema Kit is a safe, natural and immediate solution for constipation. Non-invasive, quick and excellent for home or travel use, it gets to the root of the problem by encouraging the bowels natural contractions and facilitating elimination. A great supportive tool to encourage efficient bowel eliminations and support detoxification.

This top of the range enema features high-quality silicone, 2L capacity, easy hanging hook, a control flow clamp and a flexible silicone tip for easy use. It has an open top, making it easy to use and clean as well as being toxic free (BPA Free, no Latex and Rubber).

Detailed Instructional and Cleaning Guide included, as well as a reusable bag to store your Enema Kit.

TGA approved.


  • If you are doing a cleanse or detox – it’s essential you support your bowel eliminations
  • If you suffer from regular bloating and a sluggish bowel
  • Feel like you need a good ‘clean out’ but aren’t quite willing to go the colon hydrotherapy road (or try this first!)
  • If you want to improve your skin, mood, hormonal health by addressing two of the main factors – your gut health and detoxification pathways


  • If you have acute inflammatory bowel conditions*
  • If you are pregnant*
  • If you have undiagnosed abdominal pain or hemorrhoids*
  • If you’ve had recent surgery to your colon or rectum
  • If you have tumours or a perforation in the rectum or colon
  • If you have a history of heart attack, renal failure or irregular heartbeat

*As every individual is unique, we advise you seek professional advice before using the Qulu Enema Kit and meal plan if you are under medical supervision.


The Qulu Enema Kit effectively cleanses the lower intestine and stimulates the natural contraction of the bowel through pure water, nothing artificial or irritating on the gut. It is an absolutely essential component to any cleanse or detox program, as the body requires a higher rate of elimination via bowel movements to effectively removes excess toxins dredged up from the cleanse.

As a side bonus, you can download the Qulu Cleanse Meal Plan which details how to eat in a simple yet effective way for healthy digestion and elimination as well as recommended supplements.


This product and program is not intended to diagnose or cure disease. Results may vary from person to person and are not guaranteed. If you are unsure if this product is right for you, Contact your Practitioner or Qulu 

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