The Fourth Treatment for Medical Refugees: Thermotherapy in the New Century *SALE*

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A new, ground-breaking book on cancer treatment from Japan has been released. "The Fourth Treatment for Medical Refugees: Thermotherapy in the New Century," was written by Nobuhiro Yoshimizu, M.D., Ph.D., previous director of Yokohama General Hospital. Extensive research has been carried out by the doctor and he has opened a clinic in Japan to assist people with infrared therapy. Dr. Yoshimizu uses the term "medical refugees" to describe those who have been sent home to die when surgery, chemotherapy, or radiation have been ineffective and Western Medicine can no longer offer any solution. Dr. Yoshimizu searched for an alternative. In particular, he looked for a device that would use "thermotherapy," which is a method of heating and killing cancer cells, while improving the body's immune system. This device is called the amethyst Biomat.

An extract from the book: "Scientific Fact: Exposure to far infrared ray is the key to preventing metastatic cancer and strengthening the immunity."


Title & Author:

The Fourth Treatment for Medical Refugees, Thermotherapy in the New Century

By Nobuhiro Yoshimizu,M.D.Ph.D.

Table of Contents:
Introduction: Scientific Fact! Utilization of far infrared waves is the key to great health
The true form of malignant cancer
Chapter 1: Clinical cases of cancer
Chapter 2: Do not fear cancer!
Chapter 3: Heat the body with thermotherapy
Chapter 4: Clean the intestinal walls with detoxification
Chapter 5: Supplement therapy improves the immune system
Chapter 6 Surprising effects of fasting
Explanation: Status of three standard treatment options
Postscript: We should stop increasing the number of ‘cancer refugees’

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