Wonder Foods Organic Cold Pressed Castor Oil 200mL

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Castor oil has a long history of traditional use. This certified organic, versatile oil, will amaze you with its long list of at-home external uses. It’s also considered by many to be one of the finest natural skin emollients available.

Wonder Foods organic, cold-pressed, hexane-free Castor oil:

  • Promotes and enhances hair growth
  • Deeply moisturises the skin
  • Soothes joint and muscle soreness

For topical applications, apply a few drops of Castor Oil to the desired area and massage as needed. For soft hair, simply add a few drops to your favourite shampoo prior to washing.100% Organic Cold Pressed Castor Oil (Ricinus communis).

About Wonder Foods:

Wonder Foods is a 100% Australian Owned Company who’s delicious milk alternative was formulated over 20 years ago. It is still the preferred health beverage of many Aussies. The Wonder Foods range is of the highest quality and best value in every product category.

Wonder Foods Organic Cold Pressed Castor Oil 200mL

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