Oils & Essences

Cannopathy Rapid-Max Therapeutic Hemp Oil (Beta-Caryophyllene Rich Pain Relief) 10mL

RAPID-MAX IS CANNOPATHY’S STRONGEST PAIN RELIEF OIL! For People - May Assist With: High level,... ..


Cannopathy Canna-Calm Therapeutic Hemp Oil (Blissfully Relaxing) 10mL

For People - May Assist With: Sleep and Insomnia Stress and Anxiety Tension Headaches Depression... ..


Cannopathy Indian-Hemp Therapeutic Hemp Oil (Exotically Transforming, Pain Relief) 10mL

For People - May Assist With: Inflammation-related pain Chronic and soft tissue pain Back, neck... ..


Cannopathy Canna-Frank Therapeutic Hemp Oil (Frankincense Cleansing) 10mL

For People - May Assist With: Skin cancer Scars Wrinkles Cysts Psoriasis rashes Respiratory function... ..


VRINDAVAN Hand Sanitizer - Lavender 60mL (GF, VEGAN, ORGANIC*)

Plant-Based Hand Sanitizer with Organic Lavender & 62% Ethanol This highly effective sanitizer by Vrindavan is... ..


Essential Magnesium - Magnesium Night Spray - Magnesium & Lavender (250ml spray)

NIGHT SPRAY is a natural sleeping aid made of a unique blend of Magnesium Chloride, Arnica,... ..


NuFerm-Naturoma Anti-Mould Room Sanitiser 75g (Natural Mould Prevention)

Moulds, mildew, bacteria and fungal spores are part of our environment, but when they are... ..


OurEco Clean Mould Spray with Oil Of Clove + Sweet Orange (500mL)

With Oil of Clove and Sweet Orange essential oils to “kill it” not “hide it.” Naturally kill mould... ..


ECO Aroma - Sleep Rollerball Essential Oil Blend 10mL CALM RELAX UNWIND SLEEP

Be gently and softly soothed to sleep with the ECO. Sleep Rollerball, a calming blend... ..


OurEco Clean Toilet Bowl Cleaner Eucalyptus + Tea Tree (500mL)

With Eucalyptus and Tea Tree essential oils for a naturally antibacterial clean.Shake bottle before use, squirt... ..


OurEco Clean Multi Purpose Spray Lemon Myrtle (500mL)

One spray for all surfaces. Clean naturally with the antibacterial/anti-fungal properties of Lemon Myrtle essential... ..


Aromamatic Aromamist Ultrasonic Mist Diffuser Mystique *LUXURY CERAMIC EDITION*

Luxury Ceramic EditionSuitable only for Pure Essential Oils or Essential Oil BlendsMulti LED or Single... ..


Distillery Fragrance House Soy Candle 450g Crystal Healing (Blood Orange & Goji Berry) 50 Hours Burn Time

A classic bold and enlivening fragrance.  Harnesses hints of the sun, the moon and the... ..


SaltCo Lifestyle Room Mist (Space Clearing) Smudge Spray 250mL SMOKE-FREE SPACE CLEARING

You can now smudge or space clear your home without smoke! Simply cleanse your home... ..