Oils & Essences

Cannopathy Rapid-Max Therapeutic Hemp Oil (Beta-Caryophyllene Rich Pain Relief) 10mL

RAPID-MAX IS CANNOPATHY’S STRONGEST PAIN RELIEF OIL! For People - May Assist With: High level,... ..


Cannopathy Canna-Calm Therapeutic Hemp Oil (Blissfully Relaxing) 10mL

For People - May Assist With: Sleep and Insomnia Stress and Anxiety Tension Headaches Depression... ..


Cannopathy Indian-Hemp Therapeutic Hemp Oil (Exotically Transforming, Pain Relief) 10mL

For People - May Assist With: Inflammation-related pain Chronic and soft tissue pain Back, neck... ..


VRINDAVAN Hand Sanitizer - Lavender 60mL (GF, VEGAN, ORGANIC*)

Plant-Based Hand Sanitizer with Organic Lavender & 62% Ethanol This highly effective sanitizer by Vrindavan is... ..


Cannopathy Canna-Frank Therapeutic Hemp Oil (Frankincense Cleansing) 10mL

For People - May Assist With: Skin cancer Scars Wrinkles Cysts Psoriasis rashes Respiratory function... ..


NuFerm-Naturoma Anti-Mould Room Sanitiser 75g (Natural Mould Prevention)

Moulds, mildew, bacteria and fungal spores are part of our environment, but when they are... ..


Essential Magnesium - Magnesium Night Spray - Magnesium & Lavender (250ml spray)

NIGHT SPRAY is a natural sleeping aid made of a unique blend of Magnesium Chloride, Arnica,... ..


OurEco Clean Mould Spray with Oil Of Clove + Sweet Orange (500mL)

With Oil of Clove and Sweet Orange essential oils to “kill it” not “hide it.” Naturally kill mould... ..


ECO Aroma - Sleep Rollerball Essential Oil Blend 10mL CALM RELAX UNWIND SLEEP

Be gently and softly soothed to sleep with the ECO. Sleep Rollerball, a calming blend... ..


OurEco Clean Toilet Bowl Cleaner Eucalyptus + Tea Tree (500mL)

With Eucalyptus and Tea Tree essential oils for a naturally antibacterial clean.Shake bottle before use, squirt... ..


OurEco Clean Multi Purpose Spray Lemon Myrtle (500mL)

One spray for all surfaces. Clean naturally with the antibacterial/anti-fungal properties of Lemon Myrtle essential... ..


Aromamatic Aromamist Ultrasonic Mist Diffuser Mystique *LUXURY CERAMIC EDITION*

Luxury Ceramic EditionSuitable only for Pure Essential Oils or Essential Oil BlendsMulti LED or Single... ..


ECO Aroma - Energy Clear Rollerball Essential Oil Blend 10mL INVIGORATE UPLIFT

Lift your spirits with ECO.'s Energy Blend, helping to promote an energy boost and uplift... ..


ECO Aroma - Lavender Rollerball Essential Oil Blend 10mL RELAXATION

Bring calm to your life with our Lavender essential oil. Well known for its relaxing... ..