About Us

Welcome to an Australian online health goods store, where you can trust that no matter what item you select it will be something that is safe, ethical and non-harmful to your family.

We are exposed to an overwhelming amount of environmental toxins, which, with consistently increased exposure can potentially manifest sub-optimal health. Sadly, a lot of toxic exposures can be found inside and around our own homes, which should ideally be a safe haven for our families.

Many products today contain cocktails of toxic chemicals and can be found readily in the bathroom, laundry, kitchen, in skin/make up/bathing/hair products, sun creams, repellents, baby products, aerosols, perfumes, cleaning products as well as your water supply, food and supplements.

At The Healthy Household, we pride ourselves on hand-selecting all products in the store based on a thorough ingredient assessment, to ensure you are not buying a product that contains unknown or hidden nasty chemicals, synthetic ingredients and unethical practices which can potentially harm your health and happiness.

Many of us have great intentions to be healthy, but it can be difficult to know what to trust and how to find honest, quality products. There is a lot of "greenwashing" or misleading marketing out there, that it is often difficult to decipher the healthy from the harmful - we strive to eliminate this stress whilst shopping with us!

The Healthy Household is a place where you can now purchase ALL your healthy, non-perishable goods for your family and home, from the one place. We pride ourselves not only on high quality, safe products but also on competitive pricing and lots of incentives along the way to make your shopping experience more enjoyable. 

Six Fun Facts About The Healthy Household:

  • We are Health and Nutrition Coaches with loads of collective experience in areas of Functional Medicine, Biochemistry, Nutrition and Fitness
  • We saw a need for a store like this after taking countless of our clients grocery shopping and saw that nearly all clients had good intentions to be healthy but were so confused and disillusioned by what to look for it was difficult to make good choices
  • Being parents and pet owners too, we genuinely care about empowering you and your family by helping improve the healthy product options for your home
  • We are based in QLD and we support other passionate Australian suppliers of quality, innovative and ethical health goods as much as possible
  • We also offer a unique range of specialised world-class functional foods and supplements imported from the US including Seeking Health, Poliquin Group and Innovative Performance Sciences
  • We have built fantastic relationships with all our suppliers and will share as much of the benefits we get from them, with you

Practising good health consistently doesn't have to mean hard work, getting a degree in functional medicine or taking out a small mortgage! So, please enjoy your shopping experience with The Healthy Household where being healthy should be easy and fun!