Water Filtration

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If you are concerned about harmful chemicals in your water supply and how it might impact your health when exposed to it on a daily basis via showering, bathing or drinking, you have come to the right place!

The Clean Water section includes Water Filtration Units which are not only of premium quality filtration to create healthier drinking water, these units also help replenish essential minerals that your water should include, to support hydration and cell function.

We also supply a Shower Filter that you can easily install, which removes chlorine for safer exposure to your skin. Did you know it is more dangerous to inhale chlorine vapours (as you would when showering) as it is to drink it or even bathe in it!

Speaking of Bathing, we offer you a unique mineral powder you can add to bath water which helps neutralise chlorine and provide you with a much safer bathing environment - a particularly good option for children!

In this section we have also included some other mineral products to enhance your bathing experience and health, such as Epsom and Magnesium salts.