AudioBook - Have You Got The Guts To Be Really Healthy? By Don Chisholm

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Best-Selling Book By Don Chisholm "Have You Got The Guts To Be Really Healthy?"


What does it take to be really healthy?

We all want to be healthy, but very few of us are achieving this goal. With disease and obesity ever increasing in our world, we have to stop and ask the question, ‘What are we doing that is not working?’  Have You Got The Guts To Be Really Healthy? offers the reader the truth behind why world health is still declining, despite medical advances and how you can befit from a truly unique approach to your life. One of the answers lies in a very simple phrase,

“We are not what we eat, but what we absorb.”

After years of illness in his own life, Don Chisholm travelled the world on a quest to find out why some people respond to treatment and others do not. The contents of this book provide a fascinating insight into Don’s findings and why his approach to health really works.


This is the audiobook version of Don Chisholm's best-selling paperback (if you are after the paperback version click here). Listen in the car, or whilst you work, or relax with a cup of tea and be inspired. Includes a BONUS mini-workbook for you to reinforce and enhance your learnings and assist you to kickstart your health journey.

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