Gelatin Health Digestive Health Gelatin 1kg 100% AUSTRALIAN, GUT & JOINT SUPPORT

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Everybody can benefit from taking food grade Gelatin as a supplement!

Australian food-grade* beef gelatin powder for digestive health. Gelatin is pure collagen. Collagen is essential for the integrity of the skin. Collagen is the substance that is derived from processing animal bones and connective tissue. Contains 18 amino acids that are vital to everyday functions of the body and your organs. Sourced from pasture-raised Australian cattle. Grass-fed/grain-finished**

**Honesty claim: No guarantee can be made that grass-fed Australian cattle products are 100% grass-fed so Gelatin Health does not make the claim that their products are 100% grass-fed. Scroll to the bottom to read an explanation to help clear up any confusion!



  • Aids gut and digestion symptoms by soothing the gastrointestinal tract
  • Helps move food through the digestive tract more easily as it binds to water
  • Reduces inflammation in the gastrointestinal system
  • Assists the lining of your stomach and digestive tract to repair
  • Reduces food sensitivities, leaky gut and similar
  • Improves the condition of skin, hair and nails due to keratin protein content
  • Aids detoxification processes
  • Aids connective tissue production
  • Aids the strengthening of bones and joints


    • Gluten-containing cereals**
    • Eggs and egg products
    • Milk and milk products
    • Fish and fish products
    • Crustacea and crustacea products
    • Nuts and nut products
    • Seeds and seed products
    • Bee pollen and propolis
    • Fat and cholesterol
    • Irradiated ingredients or components
    • Aspartame
    • Quinine
    • Additives and colouring agents
    • Guarana and guarana products
    • Kola beverages containing added caffeine
    • Phytosterol esters
    • Ingredients causing a laxative effect
    • An allergic potential of gelatin, collagen and hydrolysates


    • 100% beef gelatin
    • 88% pure protein
    • 12% moisture (water and residual salts)

      Derived from Australian bovine (cow), collagen source (skin, connective tissue, bones). Australian cattle are all vet checked and certified. Does not contain gluten, dairy, cholesterol, sugar, fat or MSG. Kosher and Halal certified. No added preservatives. May contain traces of sulphate as a result of the cooking process.

      *Food Grade Gelatin Powder: Used for anything to do with food. Whether it be for repairing and soothing the gut lining, aiding digestion for good gut health, or adding to foods like stews, soups or gravies or making scrumptious desserts to eat.



      For Australian beef, the question of grass-fed/grain-fed gelatin and its source is something Gelatin Health are regularly asked. Whilst Australian cattle (from which  the food-grade gelatin is derived) are predominantly grass-fed and raised for the supply of meat to Australians and to export to the world, no guarantee can be made that cattle are "100% grass-fed". High standards are applied and Australia has a reputation for compliance with strict regulations and providing the highest quality product. All stock are vet checked and certified, suitable for human consumption.
      It is important to know that the collagen structure is not dependent on what the feed is. i.e. collagen is not affected by the type of feed (grass or grain); the collagen structure is determined by the animal DNA. This is different from the meat that is used from the cow, where the type of feed is important as the protein and fatty acid structure is affected by the type of diet i.e. grains vs grass. 

      Gelatin Health Digestive Health Gelatin 1kg 100% AUSTRALIAN, GUT & JOINT SUPPORT

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