Supercharged Food Negative Ion Candle Lemongrass & Lime WORLD FIRST

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Natural handmade vegan wax candle supercharged with negative ions. Designed with love and care by Lee Holmes, a renowned Australian Clinical Nutritionist.

Ingredients: Vegan Soy Wax, Leonardite Mineral.

This special candle has a beautiful natural lemongrass & lime aroma. Handmade with a pure cotton wick, and the contents have been Supercharged with negative ions, blended into 100% vegan, non-GMO soy wax. It contains no paraffin, no palm oil or beeswax. It’s also renewable, carbon-neutral, not tested on animals and complies with RIFM and IFRA standards.

Negatively charged minerals incorporated into soy wax: That this candle has flecks in the wax. These aren't impurities, they are purities. These flecks are the highly negatively charged Leonardite sourced straight from beneath the earth. They’re released once the wax has melted off them, exposing them to the immediate environment. They act against the positive ions bombarding us in modern life. 

As the idea of the candle is releasing natural energy (negative ions), it’s good to light it at times during the daytime, especially when you’re working on a computer or on the phone. In the evening, light it again, especially if you’re still working and to counter the blue light and radiation coming off computers and TV screens. At bedtime, let it flame for an hour or so before you sleep.  You’ll be “de-lighted” with how you sleep better!

For home or office use. You can place it by your computers, mobile phones radiofrequency radiation and 5G, WIFI, microwaves, air-conditioners or heaters. Use it during the day at your workplace to ward off the bad (positive) vibes, keep it lit next to your bed or in the bathroom. Use it anytime, really. Because it’s pretty lit if you ask me!

But most importantly light it, enjoy it and sit back and relax.


Other ways to let more negative ions into your life:

  • Walk barefoot in the park
  • Hold hands with someone you love
  • Eat more organic foods
  • Dry your bedsheets in the sun and wind
  • Dig your hands in the garden
  • Walk along the beach or shore
  • Hang coats in the sun for half an hour before putting them on
  • Take a mineral bath
  • Consume more minerals
  • Smile at someone (ok I’m not sure if it’s negatively charged, but it makes you feel good when someone smiles at you)


Supercharged Food Negative Ion Candle Lemongrass & Lime WORLD FIRST

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