Nourishing Fats Book by Sally Fallon (Weston Price Foundation) *LAST ONES*

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Nourishing Fats Book - Why We Need Animal Fats for Health and Happiness. By Sally Fallon, president of the Weston A. Price Foundation. Revised second edition.


Bestselling author Sally Fallon Morell explains why fat is essential for good health - and the next big health fad - and helps readers add vital animal fats into their everyday diet. 

Bestselling author Sally Fallon Morell predicted the rise of bone broth, an old-fashioned remedy turned modern health craze, in her recent hit Nourishing Broth. Now, Sally explains the origins of, and science behind, the next movement in the wellness world-healthy fats. 

In the style of her beloved cult classics Nourishing Traditions and Nourishing Broth, Nourishing Fats supports and expands upon the growing scientific consensus that a diet rich in good fats is the key to optimum health, and the basis of a sustainable, long-term diet. Sally has been giving the clarion call for these facts for many years and now the (American) public is finally is catching up. 

In Nourishing Fats Sally shows readers why animal fats are vital for fighting infertility, depression, and chronic disease, and offers easy solutions for adding these essential fats back into readers' diets. Get excited about adding egg yolks and butter back into your breakfast, because fat is here to stay! 

About the Author:
Sally Fallon Morell is the author of the best-selling cookbook Nourishing Traditions (with Mary G. Enig, PhD, over 650,000 copies sold) and Nourishing Broth (with Kaayla T. Daniel, PhD, CCN). As president of the Weston A. Price Foundation, she is the number one spokesperson for the return of nutrient-dense foods to American tables.

Nourishing Fats Book by Sally Fallon (Weston Price Foundation) *LAST ONES*

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