NuFerm Naturoma Anti-Mould Room Sanitiser 75g (Natural Mould Prevention)

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Moulds, mildew, bacteria and fungal spores are part of our environment, but when they are present in unwanted locations or increase in numbers they can cause risk to our health and hygiene!

Mould produces toxic substances called mycotoxins. These chemicals compete with our gut bacteria and encourage the growth of parasites and overgrowth of yeasts like candida. The gut and liver have to work overtime to detoxify and remove them from the body. 

What is Naturoma?
Naturoma Anti-Mould Room Sanitiser is the safe way to eliminate unwanted odours, mould spores, bacteria and mildew. Made in Australia from 100% natural, organic ingredients and a proprietary blend of essential oils by San Air™.12

How does it work?
Naturoma slowly evaporates into the environment to starve moulds and fungus of oxygen causing them to die and eliminating bacterial reproduction. Naturoma removes up to 98% of bacteria, moulds, mildew and fungal spores from the air and emits a fresh, pleasant smell (light tea tree fragrance).

Is it safe?
Naturoma is made from a unique blend of organic essential oils within a biodegradable gel, making it friendly to the environment and safe for your family and pets.

Where and how do I use it?
Where: Anywhere you live, work or travel to reduce your risk of ill health by eliminating moulds and bacteria.

How: Remove safety seal under plastic lid, replace lid, and position the Naturoma in the desired location of your room or car.

Caution keep out of reach of children and pets. Not for human consumption.

NuFerm Naturoma Anti-Mould Room Sanitiser 75g (Natural Mould Prevention)

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