Loose Hair Remover for Dogs and Cats of all Stages!

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Everyone loves to be pampered, particularly dogs, cats, puppies and kittens! 

This simple 3-in-1 Pet Loose Hair Remover grooming glove will turn the scruffiest hound into a dapper dog. The Oakwood pet grooming glove removes loose hair as it massages the coat, improving manageability and shine. 

This pet grooming glove is also ideal to be used as an everyday pet hair remover for removing loose hair and lint from clothing, furniture, and carpet, by using the reverse side of the glove.

Also suitable to be used as a wash glove for use on your pet during bath time!


Suitable for:

  • Dogs, cats, puppies and kittens
  • Long and short coats
  • Use as a wash glove
  • Use as a lint and hair remover



How to use this product:

Secure the glove on your hand with the adjustable strap and stroke your pet’s coat. Peel away or rinse removed hair. Use wet to assist at bath time or dry to use for de-shedding.


Loose Hair Remover for Dogs and Cats of all Stages!

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