Orgone Effects ENER-BAND® Protection Against EMR - Portable Wristband

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The Ener-Band has been designed as an alternative to wearing an Orgone Personal Pendant or Harmonywear Pendant.

The Ener-Band creates a harmonizing field of negative charge around your body that may support and balance the human energy fields and meridians, neutralizing the depleting positive charge energy influences from all sources of harmful Electromagnetic Radiation fields.


The Ener-Band has undergone our unique ionic Infusion process (Patent Pending) which feeds a healthy negative charge directly to the body via contact with the skin.

By wearing the Ener-Band, your energy levels may be increased due to the supportive and strengthening effect the Ener-Band has on our energy bodies, meridian system, and vital organs which are weakened by the various noxious EMR fields, giving you the sensation of feeling more grounded.

The Ener-Band does not "give" the wearer energy so to speak, it provides a sympathetic resonance that neutralizes the harmful effects of EMF on our human bio-field and meridian system.  In fact, no energy products "give" you energy.  Some energy products do not operate at the correct frequency and can therefore "drain" you of energy.

The Ener-Band may be especially beneficial to people who are very sensitive to EMF and suffer from Electro-hypersensitivity and Chemical Sensitivity.

The Ener-Band neutralizes the effects of over 30 different harmful, noxious energies, including: 

✓ 5G
✓ Digital TVs
✓ Smart Meters
✓ Baby Monitors
✓ Vaulted Ceilings
✓ Microwave Ovens
✓ Bluetooth Devices
✓ Laptops and Tablets
✓ Fluorescent Lighting
✓ 4G Tower Emissions
✓ Electrical Appliances
✓ Solar Panel Inverters
✓ Mobile Phone Towers
✓ High-Voltage Power Lines
✓ Wi-Fi Routers and Modems
✓ Cordless and Mobile Phones
✓ Artificial Heating and Cooling
✓ Out-gassing from floors, paint, carpets, etc.
✓ Noxious Resonance from Mould and Fungus

A stellar example of the Art of Harmonizing EMF fields.

Who can benefit from wearing an Ener-Band?

School children - As some schools prohibit the wearing of jewellery for EMF protection, the Ener-Band may be beneficial worn around the ankle and underneath a sock.

Gym Workouts - If you only knew how harmful the electromagnetic energies and imprints are that exist in the average fitness club or gymnasium!!!  The Ener-Band is featherweight around your wrist.  When you are going to the gym for a workout, you don't want a pendant bouncing around your neck while you're on the treadmill.

Some people simply prefer to have EMF protection around their wrist instead of around their neck while they're out and about and away from the protection of the Geoclense at home.

Made from a lightweight energized silicon rubber, the Ener-band is waterproof, very durable, and can withstand extremes of hot and cold temperatures.


The Ener-Band comes in three sizes*:

  • Large for men (200mm)
  • Small for women (180mm)
  • Child for younger children (160mm)

Orgone Effects® products are made from our exclusive Orgonium® process to produce a negative charge resonance, which is as close to nature as possible.  This is vitally important because the correct negative charge frequencies are required to successfully neutralize and balance the positive charge resonance, which is the harmful component of an electromagnetic field, thus neutralizing any electromagnetic stress on the human body. 


Our full range of harmonizing products have been field-tested and proven to be effective, and are recommended and distributed worldwide by Accredited Health Professionals such as Kinesiologists, Bioresonance Practitioners, Naturopaths and Chiropractors.  Traditional Building Biology scientific instruments such as the Biotensor and Lecher Antenna, can also demonstrate the effectiveness of our products.


Independent GDV Kirlian Photography testing showing the human energy field on the left with no Ener-Band and the image on the right showing the effects of wearing an Ener-Band for 1 hour immediately after exercising.  The tester, who was the GDV Kirlian Photographer, Matthew Shields, was astounded with the GDV Kirlian Photography results himself.



*Important note regarding selecting sizing: Please take care with selecting your desired size. If the incorrect sizing is chosen once delivered to you, in order to exchange it for another size we require you to return the incorrect sized band in original condition, and pay our standard shipping fee of $9.95 for the correct-sized band to be shipped back to you. You will be responsible for paying for your own shipping costs for returning your item. Shipping costs are non-refundable. If you receive a refund, the cost of return shipping will be deducted from your refund. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause, however by being upfront with this process we strongly encourage that you measure the sizing out correctly before your purchase, and if you are unsure, please do not hesitate to message us and we would be more than happy to help you make the right selection.

Orgone Effects ENER-BAND® Protection Against EMR - Portable Wristband

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