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An energy balancing and cleansing tool to clear energetic disturbances in the human Aura/Biofield, energy centres (Chakras) and to energize the Meridians.

How to use the Ionic Wand: 

People and Animals - Wave the Ionic Wand throughout your etheric field in a circular, clockwise motion over the etheric body organs (an imprint of your body's internal organs in your etheric field), and chakras. Wave the Ionic Wand in the etheric field above your head to remove any unwanted accumulation of dense etheric matter caused by emotional imbalances. The Ionic Wand may also improve organ energy levels by rubbing the wand directly on the skin over the affected organ. With the aid of a Meridian chart, run the wand slowly along the meridian channels touching the skin. Use your fingertip sensitivity to energy or a pendulum to check which meridians need to be balanced.

Water and Food - To remove Earth Radiation imprinting on food and to energize water: Hold the Ionic Wand in water or against a glass of water for 30 seconds. Place the Ionic Wand directly onto fruit or vegetables for 30 seconds. Place the wand against a bowl or plate for 30 seconds. the transference of energy from the Ionic Wand will energize the vessel which, in turn, will energize the food and remove any imprints from radioactive minerals in the soil.

The Ionic Wand is self-cleaning and therefore will not need clearing or re-charging.


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