We are what we drink... What water ARE YOU?
Water is the most significant element in our daily lives, as we know. It is a staple, core foundation OF US, so that we can not only survive, but also thrive with energy and vitality to ideally be free of dis-ease.
So, why would we not care about what water goes into us to essentially make us and be that powerhouse of every cell that IS US, every single day?
Water isn't just plain old H2O. It contains minerals, nutrients and electrical charges that resonate wholly within our bodies as we are all part of one connected life force which is NATURE.
In order to function vibrantly, we require a match between what our bodies need TO BE nature, and what water IN nature has to offer.
When we drink water straight from the tap that has been chemically treated (while understanding the adaptions we have created to live our modern lives), or even filtered tap water that has not been remineralised, we risk consuming water that has been stripped of its natural life force, which is required for us to thrive.
Tap water may contain impurities that harm us from the inside out (drinking) and the outside in (shower gasses). This includes chlorine, fluoride, heavy metals, dioxins, hormones and pesticides. Many of these chemicals drip-fed into us every single day, can alter our body’s chemistry and link with ill-health.
Showering in hot water creates gasses of many of these chemicals (eg. chlorine, fluoride) that are absorbed through the skin and directly into the bloodstream with no line of defence via gut or liver.
When we filter our tap water, we may remove some harmful chemicals which may be a better option than drinking water directly from the tap, HOWEVER, if we are not also remineralising the filtered water we are drinking flat, lifeless water - this may help us to survive but not to thrive.
Remineralising water is a process of adding the life force from nature, back into that lifeless water.
We are so fortunate to use our technologies today, to create nature-mimicking water, so we can get our tap water both filtered and remineralised, even with our modern and busy lifestyles, without needing to contain it directly from pure and clean nature, as humans once did.
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  • Dec 05, 2022
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