You Don't Need a Nutrition Degree to Shop Healthy

We might be an emerging online health hub, but we have 10+ years in the business of understanding what health-conscious folk need to lead healthier happier lives. We have a collective background in holistic nutrition, supplementation, functional medicine, fitness coaching and biosignature modulation.⠀

We are passionate about supporting your health (inside and out - it all contributes!) in an ethical, toxin-free and bio-available way which means we support ACTUAL nutrition from REAL food, sourced in a REAL way and support our local suppliers who are just as passionate as we are. ⠀

Quality health goods used outside or inside the body become information that your body contributes toward building new cells and genes, aiding organ function, brain health and aiding the removal of toxins. This is why it's so important to continually evolve the health of your environment as well as your food as it all ends up being absorbed by your body, and affects hormone function, including stress levels, mental clarity and body composition.⠀

We promote holistic living and thrive on supporting you to build your own health empire at home from a functional, foundational perspective. ⠀

We got sick of watching our well-intentioned clients grocery shop with good intentions of being healthy, yet were so confused and overwhelmed with working out what was actually healthy amongst the green-washing marketing and what is NOT listed on products that often make the most impact! We were sick of people being lied to so decided to take matters into our own hands.⠀

Hence the birth of The Healthy Household!⠀

Again we are emerging, so we have a lot more love to give and a lot more products to keep adding to our store. We are adding new products to our store every week so please follow us to keep in the loop as our range expands, just for you!⠀

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  • Sep 16, 2018
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